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The Installation

The Selection


Through the blind judging process, Jillian Welenc’s “Anatomy of an Idea” was selected as the mosaic that best represented the architecture of the space, characteristics of the MassChallenge brand, and the qualities of Boston’s Innovation District.

“I think it is imperative that the tile mosaic for the MassChallenge space incorporate a sense of innovation and entrepreneurship, in order to reflect the main facets of the organization itself. My mosaic design takes a snapshot of idea creation and shows an x-ray look at the anatomy of an idea.”
Jillian Welenc
DNG 2014 First Place Winner

The Installation


Upon selection, the 200 square foot glass mosaic of Welenc’s design was produced in two days by Artaic and installed by Port Morris Tile and Stone with Bostik grout and adhesives.

“‘Anatomy of an Idea’ brought together the bold graphic elements of the architectural design with a great narrative that fit perfectly with our vision for the space.”
Vince Pan
Principal of Analogue Studio

 Analogue Studios

Vince Pan

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